Our Core Services

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Basic Business Websites

Basic information website provide the light-weight and fast-loading informative website to the visitor. We build the basic informative website based on selected web template, normally contain of 5 main pages (Home, About Us, Services, Products & Contact Us) using HTML & CSS. CMS, Content Management System is not included.

Technology Used

  • HTML100%
  • CSS100%

e-Commerce Websites

Technology Used

  • WooCommerce100%
  • OpenCart100%
  • Magento100%
  • CMS100%
  • Payment Gateway100%

We utilize latest technology from WooCommerce, OpenCart & Magento to develop e-Commerce website. All the e-Commerce website will be fully integrated with Payment Gateway like iPay88, PayPal, e-GHL & MolPay to ensure the satisfy customer experience when shopping in your online store.

e-Commerce packs with standard e-Commerce features such as Products Management, Order Management, Invoicing, Shipping Management and many more. It built with Content Management System (CMS) to mange the website content with ease

Custom-built websites

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